Geneious Cloud Database

Geneious Cloud workspace is included with all the new subscriptions purchased from 21st March 2024 onwards. Geneious Cloud provides secure cloud data storage, accessable directly from the Geneious Prime desktop application, allowing users to access their data from different computers using their Geneious Prime My Account login. Once logged in, data stored in the Geneious Cloud is available under the Cloud icon in the Sources panel.

Using Geneious Cloud

You will need an active Personal license or Team subscription for Geneious Prime, alongwith My Account to be able to log in and use Geneious Cloud.

If you already have a Geneious Prime My Account you can Login with this email and password to start using Geneious Cloud.

Cloud DB Sign Up

If you do not have a MyAccount setup, Create a New Account from the Geneious Prime My Account Page. You can find this page from "Sign In" on the website:

Cloud DB Sign Up

Once signed up, you can login and access Geneious Cloud from Geneious Prime desktop application. You can move your files to the cloud and run operations on the data in Geneious Cloud in the same way as from your local database. However, please note that the analysis is being performed locally on your computer. So, you still require enough local storage to temporarily store and analyze this data locally.

Import Data into Geneious Cloud

Data can be imported into Geneious Cloud via either of your preferred method (drag and drop, using Add in the toolbar, or using File → Import in the menu) into the MyData folder or create a new folder to import data in. Data cannot be directly imported into ☁️ Cloud or ☁️ Workspace.

Cloud DB MyData

Backing up Data

Though data in Geneious Cloud is stored securely on cloud but it is recommended that you keep a backup of your Geneious Cloud. To make a backup, you can either keep a copy of your data in your Local database folder or export Geneious Cloud folders in geneious format. See this article for further information.

Note: Geneious cloud does not have Deleted Items folder, so data that is deleted from Geneious Cloud is permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.